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The Surround 5.1 Digital Audio Processor allows standard Left/Right stereo sound to imitate 5.1 channel surround sound. The result is virtual 5.1 channel surround sound which sounds more like a full theatre sound, but without the need for extra speakers.

Digital TOSlink (Optical) Splitter 1input - 2output is a device for splitting one digital optical audio input source into two equal digital optical audio outputs. By using optical fibre cable you can run the audio signal up to 5 meters with reliable and lossless transmission.


Travel TV

The Travel TV High Speed TV Box is a USB Bus powered TV receiver. It allows high quality TV/Video to be viewed on PC's and notebooks and also has FM radio receiving capabilites.

TV - PC Dual-Use DVB-T STB contains a VGA input and output port which allows the user to view quality digital programs.When the VGA input is connected to the VGA output of the host PC it enables the monitor output image to switch between the DTV programs and the PC data processing.

​This UHD 4K 6G Audio Extractor extracts up to 8 channels of LPCM audio from an HDMI source and allows the user to convert high quality lossless HDMI audio into multi-channel analog signals, for use with powered speakers or non-HDMI AV receivers.

The UHD 4K 6G Audio Extractor w/ HDCP2.2 extracts the HDMI audio with up to 192kHz sampling rate and converts it to analog stereo audio, for connection to external powered speakers or an Audio Amplifier.

UHD 6G HDMI Analyser and Pattern Generator is the highly advanced replacement for the superceded ID#727. Developed to include new generation HDMI UHD 4K2K 6G signal detection and analysis, this robust device still performs test functions for early version HDMI SD and HD, DVI, PC VGA and Component YPbPr/YCbCr based equipment.

This UHD+ HDMI to USB Video Capture Recorder with HDMI bypass supports resolutions up to 18Gbps (600MHz) 4K UHD with HDR (via the bypass path) while simultaneously streaming the audio and video signal at 1080p to a USB connected PC, for capture or re-broadcast.

UHF - VHF - FM Home Distributor CB-11. Designed to be a cable/TV full band amplification and distribution adaptor. The unit has a maximum 20 dB gain adjustment for each output.

The Universal Digital/Analog Audio Converter with Dolby Digital Decoder is designed to convert Coaxial and Left/Right audio formats to another audio format, supporting analog to digital and digital to analog audio conversion for simultaneous output.

The USB 2.0 High Speed TV Box is a USB powered TV receiver which will allow the user to watch TV on any notebook or PC.

The USB Audio Centre allows multiple digital and analog audio sources to be controlled and switched to attached equipment like active speakers, an Amplifier or headphones. Select and play sound files stored on your PC, or connect an external analog stereo L/R audio source to 'Line In' of the device. Connect active speakers or an amplifier to the 'Line Out' of the device for perfect sound reproduction of your selected music. A 6.3mmheadphone output jack connection is also available for private quiet time listening.

The USB Over Ethernet Four Port Extender USB Hub - CETH-4USB is a multi functional USB HUB giving you three different modes of operation: A LAN Mode, an Extender Mode and a HUB Mode. The LAN (Local Area Network) Mode is useful for homes and offices with existing network infrastructure to allow users to access four USB devices. The Extender Mode is a convenient option to extend the operation distance of USB signal by up to 100 meters over a single CAT5/6 cable. In the HUB Mode (when no signal extension is needed) it becomes a 1-in-4-out USB HUB. All three modes support USB 1.1 and 2.0 protocols. USB 2.0 has a data rate of up to 480Mbps while 1.1 has only 12Mbps

The USB (Universal Serial Bus) to HDMI Converter with RJ45 is designed to allow you to use your HDMI TV as the primary display for your PC, using a USB 2.0 port. The ethernet port allows you to share a HDMI display with multiple users through your existing office or home network.

USB TV Box U-Shuttle is an advanced video-display capturing box which allows users to view video & tv, listen to FM radio and capture video up to 30fps in 704 x 480 resolution.

The USB Wireless Transmitter and Receiver to HDMI allows you to wirelessly send Video and Audio signals from your PC to a HDTV, enabling you to view any PC information on a HDTV via HDMI connection.

The USB/Optical to Analog Audio Converter is a simple device which is designed for Digital to Analog Audio conversion, as well as USB to Audio Conversion. The unit converts the digital input signal (USB/Optical), and outputs to your connected device via Left/Right analog connection. The converter can also output via Optical, allowing you to convert USB to Optical or bypass the Optical signal completely.

The V-Light TV converter is a stand alone unit which does not require software or a PC to enable TV, S-VHS or AV video to be viewed on LCD monitors.

A VGA to VGA 1.5M Cable.

VGA to VGA Cable.

Video and Stereo AV Cable.

Video CV-SV 4x1 Switch is designed to switch between Standard Definition (SD) Composite and Super video sources such as VCR's, DVD players and earlier model Gaming Consoles like XBox and Play Station, all to share onto one Composite or S-video enabled display. Supports standard Interlaced video and analog L/R audio sources of 480i and 576i resolution (NTSC and PAL). Control four SD video sources to display as required to the one screen, plus their associated analog L/R audio can be run to the TV speakers, or to an external Amplifier. Ideal for multi-input addition to single input TV's.

Video CV-SV Distributor 1 input : 3 output (w/Audio) is a very simple yet effective way to split one PAL or NTSC Composite Video or S-Video input signal plus Left/Right Analog Audio into three separate buffered outputs. It can accept one CV and one SV Video input at the same time and produces three isolated outputs for each input type. If the input is CV and SV from the same source, this then makes the Video CV-SV Distributor 1 input : 3 output (w/Audio) a 1 input : 6 output unit.

The Video Edit Kit - TV - DV - AV All-in-One plus Combo bay transforms your ordinary PC into a powerful video editing studio and home entertainment center.

The Video to 3G SDI and HDMI Scaler Box upscales any video signal from a HDMI, PC VGA, Component HD or Composite source to a HDMI High Definition video with 720p@50/60Hz, or, 1080p@50/60Hz and SDI formats including HD_SDI SMPTE 292M, or, 3G-SDI 424M/425M. The converted input video signal is output as a High Definition HDMI signal and an SDI signal, both transmitting at the same time.

Supports input timings for HDMI and Component HD of 480i/p~1080i/p@50/60Hz and PC VGA resolutions VGA~WUXGA, with selectable 720p@50/60Hz and 1080p@50/60Hz output. The selectable output allows conversion of Video formats of PAL(50Hz) to NTSC(60Hz) and NTSC(60Hz) to PAL(50Hz), making the Video to 3G SDI and HDMI Scaler Box ideal for use in any country.

The Video to DVI 1080p Scaler Box is an upgraded design to convert Standard Definition Composite Video (CV) and S-Video (SV) signals to High Definition PC and HDTV resolutions. Maximum output resolutions available are WUXGA and 1080p. The device has support for NTSC and PAL video format input and an in-built frame rate conversion feature from 50Hz to 60Hz ensuring glitch-free viewing. It has many enhanced features to maximize video performance and is ideal for use in professional large screen presentations or private home theatre applications.

The Video to Full HD Mini Display Port Scaler is designed to upscale any Composite video (CV)/S-Video (SV) input source into Mini Display Port output with a wide-range of selectable resolutions (up to 1080p). It allows you to display your Composite video/S-Video sources on your TV/Monitor via the Mini Display Port interface.

The Video to HDMI Converter connects your Set Top Box, DVD player, or Game Console etc to your High Definition TV for quality image display. Then using the switcher button, you can 'switch' between watching television and watching a DVD, or playing a video game, without having to disconnect and reconnect anything. This product supports PAL and NTSC video formats.

PAL or NTSC video to VGA or XGA Converter accepts video signals from video sources such as DVD players, gaming consoles and digital cameras through the standard AV port or S-Video port and can be displayed on higher resolution LCD and CRT monitors.

The Video Wall Controller Processor for Video Walls - with RS232 and VGA/HDMI Upscale is designed to maximize digital signage advertising, entertainment and interaction. Video Wall display modes include 2x2, 3x3, 3x2, 4x4, 4x3 and 5x5 LCD or PLASMA monitors at full HD HDMI 720p or 1080p. PC resolutions up to SXGA 1280*1024 are also accepted, converted and up-scaled to a digital 720p or 1080p signal for Video Wall display. Extremely versatile, easy to set up and use.

The Video-Scart-HDMI to HDMI Scaler Selector is designed to scale up Scart, Composite Video and S-Video inputs to HDMI output in a variety of HDTV resolutions. It also accepts two HDMI inputs that can be selected for pass thru to the HDMI output.

This unit is a portable security system. It includes a CMOS Camera and microphone integrated into 2.4GHz wireless transmitter and 1.8" TFT Panel with 2.4GHz wireless receiver.

Showing 32 of 322 products