USB TV Box U-Shuttle

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Product Description

USB TV Box U-Shuttle is an advanced video-display capturing box which allows users to view video & tv, listen to FM radio and capture video up to 30fps in 704 x 480 resolution.

This unit is plug and play and allows you watch TV in window or full screen mode on your PC or Laptop. Watch or record videos from a VCR, Camcorder, DVD, etc through the Auxiliary A/V input (S-Video or Composite) Connections.

USB TV Box U-Shuttle features a One-Click auto capture optionfor video image from TV, VCR, Camcorder, Camera and alows you to save as BMP, JPG, AVI, MPEG1 and MPEG2 formats.

USB TV Box U-Shuttle includes a user friendly program "TV Plus", you can easily transfer the captured material to other standard formats such as AVI, MPEG4, VCD, CD, DVD and more.

Product Details


  • Supports one composite video & S-video input for VCR, DVD, Video Game Consoles, etc
  • High resolution: NTSC 704x480 or Pal 704x576
  • 30 frames per second
  • Captures bit stream via USB 2.0/USB 1.1
  • Easy to install and easy to use. Compatible with MS windows 98/Me/2000/XP
  • Adjustable Saturation/Contrast/Hue/Brightness
  • Blue screen protection function(while no signal input)
  • Bandwidth adaptive automatically control
  • Capture and record as standard format(ex.avi,mpeg1,mpeg4,etc)
  • Audio capture & A/V sync function
  • Professional snap shot function
  • Two display modes: capture mode, playback mode
  • Scheduled recording function
  • Fashion industry design with tiny size


  • Inputs:
  • RF TV
  • Composite Video
  • S-video
  • Audio
  • Vga (mini din 6 pin)
  • Power: 5V DC 1.2A

Dimensions and Weight

2.8 cm
1.10 inches
8.0 cm
3.14 inches
13.8 cm
5.43 inches

Carton Details

18.0 cm
7.08 inches
28.5 cm
11.22 inches
6.2 cm
2.44 inches
1.000 kg
2.20 lb
  • Shipping Weight = 1.000 kgs

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USB TV Box U-Shuttle Manuals

What's Included

  • USB TV Box U Shuttle
  • Software
  • Remote Control
  • USB A to USB B cable
  • Multi Video (MVI) Cable
  • Antenna
  • 5V DC 1.2A power supply