USB Wireless Transmitter and Receiver to HDMI

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Cypress Technology Product No CUSB-UWBT1-CDL-165PRO
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Product Description

The USB Wireless Transmitter and Receiver to HDMI allows you to wirelessly send Video and Audio signals from your PC to a HDTV, enabling you to view any PC information on a HDTV via HDMI connection.

Whether you watch Internet TV, play PC games, browse the internet, or just watch movie files, this product is a great way to make use of your PC on your TV.

An additional feature of this product is that it includes extra USB ports allowing it to perform KVM operations next to the TV. For example you could connect your keyboard and mouse directly to the USB Wireless Transmitter and Receiver to HDMI, allowing you to easily control your PC from in front of your TV.

The USB Wireless Transmitter and Receiver is a great solution for those who may want to utilise their PC on a larger screen, without the hassle of connecting multiple cables. It is perfect for integration into home theatre setups, or for use in commercial applications.

Product Details

System Hardware Requirements:

  • 2.4 GHz single core CPU with at least 1GB RAM for optimal performance
  • Operating Systems: Windows 2K SP4, Windows XP Home or Professional 32 bits SP2, Windows Vista 32 bits, Windows 7
  • USB Port Extension: An available USB 2.0 port with USB to mini USB cable
  • It is suggested to upgrade your systems graphics drivers, Display Link software and the mother boards chip set driver to their latest version


  • Worldwide Band Groups 1, 3, 4 and 6
  • Completely Integrated Baseband (BB)
  • Supports HDMI & VGA outputs
  • 16/32-bit Color for high-quality images
  • HD resolution up to 1920 x 1080
  • Line-of-Sight broadcast
  • Has a broadcast range of 10 meters from Transmitter unit to Receiver unit
  • Monitor works with HDMI cable up to 10 meters from the Receive Unit
  • Speed up to 150MB/s
  • HDMI and RGB display connectivity
  • EDID selection with switch for VGA or HDMI output
  • Secure and easy to use


  • Input Port: 1 x Mini USB
  • Output Ports: 1 x HDMI, 1 x D-Sub 15pin, 3.5 phone jack
  • Extender Ports: 2 x USB Hubs (A type)
  • Power Supply: 5V DC/2.6A (US/EU standards, CE/FCC/UL certified)
  • ESD Protection: ± 8kV (air-gap discharge), ± 4kV (contact discharge)
  • Dimensions (mm): Transmitter: 81(W) x 25(D) x 11(H), Receiver: 90(W) x 120(D) x 25(H)
  • Weight (g): Transmitter: 22, Receiver: 120
  • Chassis Material: Transmitter: Plastic, Receiver: Plastic
  • Colour: Transmitter: Black, Receiver: Metal Black
  • Power Consumption: Receiver: 8W
  • Operating Temperature: 0˚C ~ 40˚C / 32˚F ~ 104˚F
  • Storage Temperature: -20˚C ~ 60˚C / -4˚F ~ 140˚F
  • Relative Humidity: 20~90% RH (non-condensing)

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USB Wireless Transmitter and Receiver to HDMI Manuals

What's Included

  • USB Wireless Transmitter
  • HDMI Receiver
  • USB Wireless Transmitter and Receiver to HDMI User Manual
  • Software
  • 100~240VAC to 5V DC 2.6A Switch Mode Power Supply (Center Positive)