Analog Audio Converters

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Coaxial to CO-AX 2 Toslink two way converter designed to accept an S/PDIF audio input through either Coaxial cable or Toslink cable, and passes the signal (as is) to both the Coaxial and Toslink output ports. The unit has a built in amplification feature which makes it suitable to use as a Toslink or Coaxial audio signal repeater.

The Digital to Analog Two Way Audio Converter allows you to convert an Analog 2CH Left/Right audio signal into a Digital audio signal, or change Digital TOSlink or Coaxial audio signals into an Analog 2CH L/R audio signal.

HDMI ARC to Analog Audio Converter is designed to extend a HDTV's HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) out to active speakers or amplifier for external audio replay. There is no delay between the Video display and the audio soundtrack, giving perfect syncronisation of video and audio. Works with LPCM 2CH audio (standard HDMI audio) with support up to 192kHz sampling rate.

The new HDMI Audio with Dolby Digital & DTS 2.0+Digital Out Decoder supports HDMI audio signal extraction and conversion to separate Digital and Analog audio outputs. Incorporating the latest advanced audio technology supporting un-compressed LPCM audio and extra audio formats such as Dolby Digital and DTS 2.0+Digital Out. Use the HDMI Audio with Dolby Digital & DTS 2.0+Digital Out Decoder to direct your audio signal to external speakers or amplifier, via a wide range of audio signal pathways.

Stereo to SPDIF audio delay Converter Box is designed to convert an analog stereo audio signal from L/R input to Coaxial SPDIF and TOSLink Optical outputs simultaneously, with an additional selectable audio delay (150 millisecond) feature.

The Surround 5.1 Digital Audio Processor allows standard Left/Right stereo sound to imitate 5.1 channel surround sound. The result is virtual 5.1 channel surround sound which sounds more like a full theatre sound, but without the need for extra speakers.

The Universal Digital/Analog Audio Converter with Dolby Digital Decoder is designed to convert Coaxial and Left/Right audio formats to another audio format, supporting analog to digital and digital to analog audio conversion for simultaneous output.

The USB/Optical to Analog Audio Converter is a simple device which is designed for Digital to Analog Audio conversion, as well as USB to Audio Conversion. The unit converts the digital input signal (USB/Optical), and outputs to your connected device via Left/Right analog connection. The converter can also output via Optical, allowing you to convert USB to Optical or bypass the Optical signal completely.

Showing 8 of 8 products