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This power supply will convert 230VAC input to 7.5V DC 300mA output - Center Positive

This power supply will convert 230VAC input to 12V DC 800mA output - Center Positive.

This power supply will convert 230VAC input to 9V DC 500mA output - Center Negative

This power supply will convert 240VAC input to 15V DC 600mA output -Center Negative

This power supply will convert 240VAC input to 7.5V DC 500mA output - Center Positive

This power supply will convert 240VAC input to 7.5V DC 500mA output - Center Negative

240VAC to 9V DC 500mA Power Supply Centre Negative

A 250V 10A Universal Travel Power Plug Adapter Australia Model with 3 flat pins.

Universal 3 round pin power plug adapter.

This premium 32 inch LCD monitor boasts a vibrant 16:9 widescreen display ideal for modern arcade games. Built for arcade environments, it features a durable A-grade panel and supports both classic CGA EGA arcade resolutions (15khz, 25khz, 31khz) and high definition up to 1080p via VGA and HDMI inputs. Additionally, the monitor has a rapid 1.3ms response time for smooth gameplay, rich colors, and audio output, making it a perfect replacement for any arcade machine. It even comes with a full mounting frame for easy installation.

The 3D HDMI 1 In 2 Out Splitter with audio is fully compliant with HDMI v1.3. It allows the output from any HDMI equipped device, such as a 3D DVD or Blu-ray Player, to be split equally and connected to two HDMI displays, such as a HDTV or a HD projector in the same room. The third HDMI output is an audio with blue screen output, which means it can be connected to an AV Receiver that does not support 3D signal.

The 3D Mini HDMI Analyzer (CH-A1) is the complete tool for checking the compatibility of 3D sources and displays. It features touch sensitive controls with an OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display that shows the input and output timings. The device interrogates the frame information of the input source (such as a Blu-Ray DVD) and the output sink (such as a HDTV) EDID data, ensuring the compatibility of both source and display for inter-working.

The 3G SDI to HDMI Converter allows SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI signals to be shown on HDMI/SDI displays while ensuring high bit rates of 2.970 Gbit/s to give you fast signal transmission without any loss. For professionals this means that it is now easier to distribute and extend your 3G SDI signal while giving you the ability to display your work on HDMI displays thanks to the built in HDMI converter. Furthermore, thanks to the loop-through 3G-SDI design, users are able to enjoy both SDI and HDMI displays at the same time.

The 3G-SDI to HDMI Scaler with Audio - L/R and SPDIF is designed to convert SD-SDI (Standard Def-Serial Data Interface), HD-SDI (High Def-Serial Data Interface-Dual Link), and 3G-SDI (High Def-Serial Data Interface-Single Link) to a HDMI video format for display on any standard HDMI HDTV's. An SDI pass-thru port allows for an SDI monitor to be connected, as well. The input SDI signal type is auto-detected and correct conversion techniques applied. Audio is also transported, converted and presented as Left/Right audio for connection to an amplifier or speakers.

The new 4K2K HDMI Analyser and Enhancer is a tool designed for analysing HDMI HD and UHD 4K2K 6G video and audio signals. It can indicate the Bandwidth and HDCP details and allows for EDID and YUV420 selections. It can extend the signal up to a distance of ten metres and also allows users to upload EDID settings to a PC application, which can then be used to create alternative EDID settings for other specific uses. With direct selection keys for easy switching between modes and status LEDs which allow at-a-glance viewing of the device's status, the 4K2K HDMI Enhancer is a perfect tool for all professional Installers.

4k2k HDMI EDID Emulator is designed to allow adjustment of an HDMI or DVI display's EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) information. This is the information provided to the source device (eg DVD player or Set Top Box) so that the best video and audio signal can be automatically selected for display. It also supports EDID Emulation and By-pass Modes.

5 pin RGB cable

This is a RGB 6 pin cable

The 7 inch Android 2.2 tablet - GSM with a sleek and modern design its extremely lightweight and portable. The tablet can be used for games, internet browsing, video calling, e-books and much more. Furthermore, the 7 inch Android Tablet is great for multitasking with the ability to make phone calls and surf the web at the same time. This product is perfect for those constantly on the move or wishing for a portable device. Its simply entertainment on the go!

The 7 inch Android 4.0 tablet with a sleek and modern design as well as being lightweight and portable is the perfect companion for those people on the move. Running on the Android 4.0 operating system the tablet can be used for a variety of tasks and apps including games, internet browsing, video calling and ebooks to name a few. More importantly, the Android 4.0 tablet is great for those people who may be new to the latest in multimedia technology as its user friendly with simple navigation, large coloured icons and a five point touch screen.

7 Inch Delta FWXGA LCD Panel is designed to detect standard VGA, SVGA, XGA and FWXGA PC frequencies and standard PAL and NTSC Composite video formats and display all on a compact 15.4cm wide x 8.6cm high TFT LCD colour screen. Ideal for replacement of small CRT monitors and connects via a VGA 15pin Dsub cable, or a Composite video cable.

The 720p Digital Multimedia Player handles display and playback of digital media including photos, music and movies, and can output these to a large size display with a resolution of up to 720p. The unit functions as a standalone device, allowing you to view content from a connected USB device or memory card.

Advanced 8.4 Inch CGA EGA VGA to SVGA LCD Panel, which can accept a wide range of RGB inputs of CGA, EGA, VGA up to SVGA resolutions. Ideal as an update for replacement of older, smaller superceded CRT and LCD monitors, this unit is made for CNC Industrial and Commercial applications.

USB portable Wifi dongle with a Transmission distance of up to 100m indoors, & up to 300m outdoors (limited to environment)

9 Pin 9 Pin Female Gender Change Adapter to connect male cable to male cable

The All Video to HDMI Converter accepts most video formats, outputting as an HDMI video/audio stream for viewing content in High Definition resolution on HDTV's. It also allows you to have your DVD player, game console, Set-top box, PC and other devices connected and ready for selection to instantly display to your HDTV.

The Analog L/R to Digital Audio Converter is designed to convert an Analog stereo audio signal from L/R input to Digital Coaxial SPDIF and TOSLink Optical outputs and works as a converter and/or splitter, allowing you to use one output or both at the same time.

AV - RCA Cable.

AV Stereo Selector CVD-1000. This switchbox allows the user to select one out of the four input A/V sources. The selected source is then amplified and split into four parallel outputs.

A compact AV-4311 TV Antenna RF modulator. Which converters your any Pal video source that can be connected via the standard AV (composite) plug to RF (attenna) plug.

The AV-4410 RF Modulator converts audio and video line signals from DVD players, video gaming consoles, camcorders or other video devices to RF signals. This allows connection to your old television without line level inputs. This unit also comes with a S-video input to allow for higher quality video inputs.

The AVI to MPEG Converter with Terrestrial Digital TV - DVBT USB allows you to listen to digital radio (not DAB) and view digital video broadcasting with the use of an UHF/VHF antenna as well as convert AVI files into MPEG files.

Showing 32 of 322 products