8.4 inch CGA EGA VGA to SVGA LCD Monitor

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Product Description

Advanced 8.4 Inch CGA EGA VGA to SVGA LCD Panel, which can accept a wide range of RGB inputs of CGA, EGA, VGA up to SVGA resolutions. Ideal as an update for replacement of older, smaller superceded CRT and LCD monitors, this unit is made for CNC Industrial and Commercial applications.

The VESA plug & play system allows the monitor to automatically detect and adjust itself to match the frequency of the user's connected input device. The frequency range for horizontal is 15KHz to 47KHz and for vertical is 48Hz to 75Hz.

For users connecting the 8.4 Inch CGA EGA VGA to SVGA LCD Panel to a computer, it uses Display Data Channel (DDC) to send Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) so the computer can be set to monitor auto adjust.

The 8.4 Inch CGA EGA VGA to SVGA LCD Panel will auto adjust itself to enhance the picture quality of the device connected to it. As well, a self test function will check to ensure all functions of the monitor are working properly.

To ensure maximum compatibility with input signals, the 8.4 Inch CGA EGA VGA to SVGA LCD Panel has more timing data and resolutions than any other standard LCD panel. The current resolution and timing information for the connected input device is displayed in the top bar of the OSD menu.

Image positioning for Horizontal and Vertical and an all important crush feature allows you to shrink the size of the image both horizontal and vertically to make the image fit on the screen.

The 8.4 Inch CGA EGA VGA to SVGA LCD Panel has a Super Wide Viewing Angle. Also as a standard feature is the OSD menu (On Screen Display) and a Self-Test function. The easy to understand and clear graphics of the OSD menu make it easy and simple to make any changes necessary for image enhancement.

Power Supply for the 8.4 Inch CGA EGA VGA to SVGA LCD Panel can be 110VAC or 240VAC, regulated via a Universal Switch Mode Power Adapter to 12VDC 4A. (Please specify power cord required when ordering.)

Product Details


  • Compact, durable metal casing.
  • Easy to adapt to CNC machines.
  • Function button control board can be placed in convenient position for access.
  • OSD menu for full display image management.
  • Input Modes: CGA/EGA/VGA to SVGA.
  • Resolution Range: 640 x 200 (CGA) to 800 x 600 (SVGA).
  • Auto Power Saver for when no signal is detected at inputs.
  • Fast Image display response time for when signal is detected at inputs.


  • Screen Size: 8.4 inch TFT
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  • Weight: 0.749kg
  • Dimensions (cm's): 22.1(w) x 15.1(h) x 3.0(d) Note: Depth is 4.5cm if 'Control Button' PCB mounted on rear of panel
  • Input Mode: CGA/EGA/VGA/SVGA
  • Max Resolution: 800 x 600
  • RGB CGA/EGA Input connections: 10 pin in-line plug.
  • RGB VGA Input connection: 15 pin D-sub socket.
  • Windows Compatibility: 98, 2000, XP
  • PC Interface: Analog Interface
  • Input Signal: 0.7Vpp Analog 75ohm
  • Sync: TTL level Separate, Composite,
  • Sync Polarity: Positive (+ve) & Negative (-ve)
  • Scan Frequency Horizontal: 15~47KHZ
  • Scan Frequency Vertical 48~75Hz
  • Chassis Horizontal Size: 221.0 mm
  • Chassis Vertical Size: 151.0 mm
  • Chassis Depth: 30.0 mm (45.0 mm if 'Control Button' PCB mounted on rear)
  • Screen Viewing Horizontal Size: 173.0 mm
  • Screen Viewing Vertical Size: 131.0 mm
  • Color Support: 262K Colors
  • 5 Function Keys: Power, Menu/Auto, Up, Down, Source/Esc
  • OSD Funcions: Contrast, Brightness, Sharpness, Phase, Clocking, Colour Temperature, Colour RGB, Auto Colour, Image Alignment (H and V), Screen test, OSD Timer, Language and Input source.
  • Power 100~240V 47/63Hz via 12VDC 4A adapter (Please specify when Ordering)
  • Power Consumption: 20W Max
  • Power Management: VESA-DPMS 20 watts. Power down mode ≤3 Watts.
  • Bandwidth: 30MHz Dot Clock
  • Pixel Pitch(mm): 0.213 x 0.213
  • Backlight: CCFL x 1
  • Cell Type: TN
  • Contrast Ratio: 500:1 Type
  • Brightness: 220cd/m squared
  • Viewing Angle: H=130 degrees, V=100 degrees
  • Response Time: 35ms(on + off) Type
  • Operating Temperature: 0 degrees ~ 40 Degrees
  • Humidity - 10~85%

CGA + EGA + VGA + SVGA Input Specifications

  • CGA - 15.4kHz x 58.8Hz (Resolution - 640x198 @ 58)
  • CGA - 15.1kHz x 57.6Hz (Resolution - 640x215 @ 57)
  • CGA - 15.7kHz x 60Hz (Resolution - 640x215 @ 60)
  • CGA - 16.0kHz x 61Hz (Resolution - 640x215 @ 61)
  • CGA - 16.3kHz x 62Hz (Resolution - 640x215 @ 62)
  • CGA - 16.6kHz x 63.4Hz (Resolution - 640x215 @ 63.4)
  • CGA - 16.80kHz x 64Hz (Resolution - 640x215 @ 64)
  • CGA - 15.6kHz x 50.3Hz (Resolution - 640x265 @ 50)
  • CGA - 18.4kHz x 50Hz (Resolution - 640x350 @ 50)
  • EGA - 21.8kHz x 58.9Hz (Resolution - 640x350 @58)
  • EGA - 24.4kHz x 59.5Hz (Resolution - 645x355 @59)
  • EGA - 23.5kHz x 52Hz (Resolution - 720x378 @52)
  • EGA - 26.4kHz x 57.4Hz (Resolution - 720x400 @57)
  • VGA - 31.469kHz x 70.087Hz (Resolution - 640x400 @ 70)
  • VGA - 31.469kHz x 59.940Hz (Resolution - 640x480 @ 60)
  • VGA - 37.861kHz x 72.809Hz (Resolution - 640x480 @ 72)
  • VGA - 37.500kHz x 75.000Hz (Resolution - 640x480 @ 75)
  • SVGA - 35.156kHz x 56.250Hz (Resolution - 800x600 @ 56)
  • SVGA - 37.879kHz x 60.317Hz (Resolution - 800x600 @ 60)
  • SVGA - 48.077kHz x 72.188Hz (Resolution - 800x600 @ 72)
  • SVGA - 46.875kHz x 75.000Hz (Resolution - 800x600 @ 75)

Dimensions and Weight

4.5 cm
1.77 inches
22.1 cm
8.70 inches
15.1 cm
5.94 inches
0.750 kg
1.65 lb

Carton Details

36.0 cm
14.17 inches
45.0 cm
17.71 inches
14.0 cm
5.51 inches
4.536 kg
10.00 lb
  • Shipping Weight = 4.536 kgs

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8.4 inch CGA EGA VGA to SVGA LCD Monitor Manuals

What's Included

  • 8.4 inch CGA EGA VGA to SVGA LCD Monitor
  • 8.4 inch CGA EGA VGA to SVGA LCD Monitor User Manual
  • Mounting Kit
  • VGA Cable
  • 10 pin CGA cable
  • Power Adapter 110vAC ~ 240vAC to 12vDC 4A