Sale HDMI Switchers, Splitters and Extenders

  • 7th June, 2016

Great range of stocked, quality HDMI Switchers, Splitters and Extenders are available during our stock clearance sale! All stock earmarked for this sale have had pricing greatly reduced, with some prices never to be repeated! High end, top-quality products from a world class manufacturer are products designed to work most effectively with High Definition, Ultra High Definition and all 3D video and audio formats. A must have for any quality Home Theatre system.

Our first Sale products are the 3 input 1 output Switchers, designed to select from one of three source signals to display onto one High Def TV. All slimline, compact and highly efficient, the HDMI Switch 3 input - 1 output and the HDMI Switch 3 input - 1 output Slimline offer super-quick switch-over time with limited lagtime between display selections. They work perfectly to help organise your HDMI game consoles like XBox and PS4 along with your DVD and Blu-Ray players. For larger system setups, the HDMI Switch 4 input - 2 output allows for extra input with dual HDTV outputs.

Some of our superior quality Splitter Extenders have been price reduced for quick clearance from our shelves, with limited stock available. The HDMI Splitter Extender 1 input - 2 output is one of our most popular Splitters, with the capacity to produce two perfectly identical video and audio signals for separate transmission to HDTV's, ideal for use with 3D video systems. The larger HDMI Splitter Extender 1 input - 4 output has four identical video/audio outputs with a maximum operating range of up to thirty metres over an HDMI cable length. If length of the HDMI cable run is a concern, then bolster performance by using the HDMI Repeater Extender 1 input - 1 output for up to thirty metres extra distance for each additional repeater.

If interested to learn more about these special offers, or if you need assistance with ordering, then please feel free to contact our friendly Staff for prompt service. You are welcome to make an on-line enquiry from the product webpage, telephone us on +61 2 4968 9313, facsimile to us on +61 2 4968 9314 and of course email to

Thank you for your time and any feedback or questions are welcome.

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