Multi Function 4K2K HDMI & VGA over Ethernet Extender

  • 14th September, 2016

New 4K2K HDMI and VGA over Ethernet Extender is ideal for commercial and private use where an active Gigabit Ethernet network is available. With an operating distance of up to 100m, the distance can be easily cascaded to extend over many links within the same network. Full UHD 4K2K video streaming and pass-through of digital audio formats like Dolby, DTS and LPCM 2~7.1CH make this 4K2K HDMI and VGA over Ethernet Extender a powerful tool.

Very easy to setup with user adjustable dip-switch settings determining the link's number from one to sixteen, with up to sixteen pairs linked on the one IP router. Then connect peripherals such as an UHD 4K2K LCD or a VGA monitor for the display, connect an audio input from the source device and output at the receiver end to active speakers or a home theatre amplifier. PC operation is enhanced with two USB 1.1 ports available for remote mouse and keyboard operation, while two USB 2.0 ports allow connection of external hard drives for data sending and control.

Some special features make the 4K2K HDMI and VGA over Ethernet Extender stand above other similar models. It gives full support for 4K2K UHD video and Dolby and DTS digital audio transmission over closed IP network. It has an Anti-dithering function which supports colour grading to give a deeper more natural display. Transmit separate audio using Line In/Line Out/Mic In connections to extend audio to and from an audio source or amplifier at the transmitter or receiver end. The transmission between the local and remote ends of IR Remote Control signals allows for easier remote access to all attached devices.

The 4K2K HDMI and VGA over Ethernet Extender is leading edge when compared to other similar products in the market today. To learn more about this great product, simply click here for the transmitter and click here for the reciever. You are welcome to download the free User Manual and to purchase simply click on the "Add to Cart" icon. If you would like to contact us for more details, then feel free to email us at, telephone on +61(0)2 4968 9313, or Fax on +61(0)2 4968 9314

Thank you for your time and any feedback, suggestions or questions are always welcome.

The Converters.TV Team

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