USB Converters

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The AVI to MPEG Converter with Terrestrial Digital TV - DVBT USB allows you to listen to digital radio (not DAB) and view digital video broadcasting with the use of an UHF/VHF antenna as well as convert AVI files into MPEG files.

This DVB-T set top box gives the user the ability to record any free to air Digital TV program in DVD without loosing quality. The unit is small and portable and with USB 1.1 and 2.0 support it allows the user to enjoy DVB-Terrestrial program anywhere.

This compact yet functional device will allow the capture and conversion of an analog IR signal into a digital format and store it for later use.

The Multi Format Video to USB HD Capture Box converts standard video formats to USB HD video for PC 'capture and record'. Supports High Def HDMI/Component 1080p, Standard Def Composite, and S-video formats to record to H.264 / MPEG4-AVC standards. With advanced video processing capablity, the Multi Format Video to USB HD Capture Box is ideal for the display and capture of external video sources on your PC or Notebook.


Travel TV

The Travel TV High Speed TV Box is a USB Bus powered TV receiver. It allows high quality TV/Video to be viewed on PC's and notebooks and also has FM radio receiving capabilites.

The USB 2.0 High Speed TV Box is a USB powered TV receiver which will allow the user to watch TV on any notebook or PC.

Showing 6 of 6 products