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Coaxial HDMI Transmitter and Receiver Box
DVI PC/HD to HDMI Scaling Converter ON SALE NOW!
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Multi Video to HDMI and VGA Scaler Format Converter Now In Stock and Available

Multi Video to HDMI and VGA Scaler Format Converter Now In Stock and Available
Multi Video to HDMI and VGA Scaler Format Converter Now In Stock and Available

The Multi Video to HDMI and VGA Scaler Format Converter is an all purpose entertainment resource as it can connect video and audio signals from sources such as Composite Video, S-Video, Component HD Video, HDMI, DVI and SDI Video, and VGA (PC) - all in one compact device. These source signals can all be connected to the device simultaneously and once connected the signals are processed, converted and scaled to a digital HDMI, analog Component or VGA output signals, depending on which monitor you have connected. It also converts HDMI PAL to NTSC format, and vice versa, allowing you to display these source signals on any HDTV

For example, the Multi Video to HDMI and VGA Scaler Processor allows you to connect one SDI source (such as an SDI camera or camcorder), one VGA source such as a personal computer (PC) hard drive, one S-Video with stereo audio source (VCR player), one Composite Video with stereo audio source (such as DVD Player or Wii game console), one Component HD plus stereo audio source (such as a DVD Player or Playstation game console) and/or up to two HDMI sources (such as a Blu-ray player or Xbox game console). Once the various devices are connected via their respective inputs, you can then display any one of them on a HDMI or Component display like an LCD or LED HDTV, or on a VGA PC monitor.

This device is perfect for those looking to expand their home, business or educational media/entertainment setup, or for those looking for a more cohesive and simple way to control connections and easily switch between devices with the click of a button. This device also comes with a remote control for extra ease and convenience. now has Multi Video to HDMI and VGA Scaler Format Converters in stock and available immediately. If you would like to view this product and it's specifications, follow this link.

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