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HDMI over long distances - How to extend signal without degradation

HDMI over long distances - How to extend signal without degradation
HDMI over long distances - How to extend signal without degradation

HDMI cable has now become the standard when connecting a High Definition source to a HDTV. However one of the drawbacks of HDMI cables is that the technology is not particularly well suited to long cable runs, with the HDMI signal losing strength over large distances.

A HDMI cable can usually run for a maximum length of 10 metres (33 feet) before severe signal loss occurs. This is dependent on the quality of the HDMI cable used and the signal strength from the source equipment. The resolution of the video being transmitted is also a factor. As the HDMI signal deteriorates, this can result in picture distortion, digital noise (sparkles), or no picture display at all.

Common instances where a HDMI signal may need to be extended include in a home theatre set-up where you want to extend the signal to a different room, or in a commercial application such as advertising displays spread across distances. There are several ways to extend a HDMI signal to allow for longer distance high quality video transmission. Products include HDMI repeaters, HDMI Boosters/Equalizers, and HDMI over Cat 5/Cat 6.

HDMI Extender/Equalizer

A HDMI Extender/Equalizer, also referred to as a Booster or Repeater, is used to regenerate a Digital HDMI Signal to maintain a strong effective signal for transmission over long distances. A HDMI Extender/Equalizer not only extends the signal, but also amplifies and equalizes the signal, resulting in unparalleled video and audio quality. Generally these products consist of 1 x HDMI Input port, and 1 x HDMI output port, allowing you to chain two cables together to create a longer HDMI extension. These products are easily integrated into your existing setup with a minimum of fuss.

Our ID#554 HDMI to HDMI Repeater-Extender is an example of a 1 Input – One Output HDMI Extender/Equalizer. The unit amplifies and equalizes the HDMI Signal for extension up to 30 meters. Output can also be "Cascaded", meaning that several of these HDMI Extender/Equalizer units can be linked together to create an even longer Digital HDMI Signal transmission pathway. The ID#554 Extender/Equalizer is compliant with HDMI 1.3, HDCP 1.1 and DVI 1.0 specifications, and supports video up to 12bit 1080p@60Hz, and digital audio such as Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master.

HDMI Extender/Equalizer with Audio Decoder

If you would like a HDMI extender/equalizer which gives you more control over the audio output, this is also possible. Our ID#698 HDMI repeater with Audio Decoder is similar to the above model, however it allows you to take a HDMI input and output the audio via Optical (Toslink) or LPCM 7.1/5.1/2 channel through the multi-channel output ports. This model is perfect for those who may need to increase the HDMI signal distance, but would also like to separate the digital audio from the HDMI Input for connection to their sound system.

HDMI Over Cat 5 / Cat 6 Cable

Instead of using expensive HDMI cables, it is also possible to distribute HDMI over a pair of standard Ethernet cables by using HDMI to Ethernet (Cat5/Cat6) converters. Both a Transmitter unit and a Receiver unit are needed.

HDMI Video Transmitter over Cat5 Cable - 50m to 250m
HDMI Video Receiver over Cat5 Cable - 50m
HDMI Video Receiver over Cat5 Cable - 150m
HDMI Video Receiver over Cat5 Cable - 250m

Users connect a HDMI source to the Transmitter, which Outputs via Cat5/Cat6 cable to the Input of the associated Receiver unit. Users then connect the Output of the Receiver unit to their display via HDMI cable. The above products support high definition resolution up to 1080p/12 bits.

If you would like more information on extending HDMI cable distance or on any of the above products, please feel free to contact our sales team at sales at converters dot tv. We can also be reached by phone on +612 49 689 313.

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