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HDBaseT and HDBaset-Lite CAT Cable Line Transmission Systems

HDBaseT and HDBaset-Lite CAT Cable Line Transmission Systems
HDBaseT and HDBaset-Lite CAT Cable Line Transmission Systems

New HDBaseT and HDBaseT-Lite technology now available for long distance transmission of uncompressed HDMI video and audio signals along Category 5e, 6 and 7 data cables. The device is able to transmit and receive Full HD 1080p Digital video and audio signals using the HDBaseT protocol for line transmission, with distances of up to 100m achievable without any signal loss or degradation. One CAT5e/6/7 cable is all that is required to connect from the Source transmitter unit to the Remote receiver unit. Supports PAL and NTSC video formats.

The long distance, point-to-point transmission of an HDMI signal is easily achieved using cheap and efficient CAT5e/6/7 data cables with this new HDBaseT technology. Transmit one HDMI signal to one remote site, or transmit 2,4,6, or more HDMI signals to a number of remote sites using an HDBaseT Splitter, Switch or Matrix unit. Depending on the distance required to be transmitted and the number of sources and sink(TV) to be connected, this will determine the best HDBaseT system to use.

For transmission of a single HDMI signal to a distance of 100m, use HDBaseT products such as ID#783 and ID#782 for best results. For multiple transmission of HDMI signals up to 100m distance, use this style of product ID#15115 and ID#15120. Use ID#782 as the receiver. For distances up to 60m, use ID#15110 and ID#15111 and use HDBaseT-Lite products ID#15125 and ID#15126 for PoE (Power over Ethernet) functionality. For multiple transmissions over 60m, use ID#15118 along with HDBaseT-Lite receiver ID#15111.

The HDBaseT and HDBaseT-Lite transmission systems incorporate HDMI v1.4 features such as transmission of Ultra High Def (UHD) 4k2k video and all 3D formats. Other features supported include Ethernet and PoE (Power over Ethernet), RS-232, TelNet and WebGUI control. Many new models of HDBaseT and HDBaseT-Lite cable transmission systems are becoming available and we will keep you updated as to the latest developments. If you are interested in more details or assistance with an order, then please feel free to contact back to our Staff by email sales at converters dot tv, by phone +61 2 4968 9313 or by Fax +61 2 4968 9314.

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