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Audio Converters - New range now available

Audio Converters - New range now available
Audio Converters - New range now available

We are excited to introduce our new range of ultra compact and affordable audio converters and processors. Products include the Analog to Digital Audio converter, Analog to Digital Audio converter w/Delay function, Digital to Analog Audio converter, the SRS Volume Processor, Coaxial to Toslink two way converter, and the Digital Optical Audio Switcher.

The Digital to Analog Audio converter is designed for simple conversion of Coaxial and Optical TOSlink inputs to Analog Stereo L/R output. Ideal for the integration of your older style analog stereo sound system with new digital audio sources such as Blu-Ray DVD players, Game Boxes, Home Media Centres and full digital High Definition TV sets.

Converting audio in the opposite direction is the Analog to Digital Audio Converter, which is designed to convert an analog stereo audio signal from L/R input to digital Coaxial SPDIF and TOSLink Optical outputs. Many high end digital audio systems do not accept an analog signal, making the unit ideal for those with a digital sound system who wish to connect older analog audio sources such as VCR players.

Like the above unit, the Analog to Digital Audio Converter w/delay is designed to convert an analog stereo audio signal from L/R input to digital Coaxial SPDIF and TOSLink Optical outputs. The main difference between the two units is the selectable audio delay (150 millisecond) feature, which allows you to delay the audio output to match the video signal/adjust AV sync when necessary. The product also comes in an aluminium chassis making it even sturdier.

Another new audio product is the SRS Volume Processor. Rather than converting audio signals, it is designed to regulate audio volume - allowing you to listen at your own comfortable audio level. It eliminates annoying volume fluctuations in television, music, and other audio sources. For example television viewers often complain about the fluctuation of volume level heard when switching from channel to channel, and when commercials begin. This unit eliminates this problem, regulating all audio output.

Our Coaxial to Toslink two way converter is designed to accept a digital audio input through either Coaxial cable or Toslink cable, and output the signal as is to both the Coaxial and Toslink output ports. The unit has a built in amplification feature which makes it suitable to use as a Toslink or Coaxial audio signal repeater. It is useful to convert a Coaxial signal to a Toslink signal, and vice versa.

Lastly is the Digital Optical Audio Switcher, a simple digital audio switch using Toslink (optical fiber) cables which allows you to switch between two connected devices for output to your audio equipment.

All these products are currently in stock and ready for immediate shipment. If you would like more information on any of the products simply click on the product links above. For any assistance with any of the products, please contact our friendly Sales Staff by phone on +61 2 49 689313 or by email at sales at converters dot tv.

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