Video (NTSC or PAL) to VGA or DVI Converters

  • 21st December, 2004

Introducing our latest line of converters, the Video (NTSC or PAL) to VGA or DVI Converters. These are full multi-system units that can convert either PAL or NTSC (depending on which model you buy) to VGA or DVI signal. By simply plugging in an antenna, these tidy converters can also run television. They feature inputs for TV tuner, Video, S-Video, Component (Y,Cb,Cr) and VGA. The VGA input enables easy exchange between TV/Video and computer sources. As an additional bonus, these models come complete with a 53-key remote control for accessing the menu system.

The output can be displayed on both a CRT or LCD Monitor, as well as Plasma and Projection Displays. These converters are capable of storing up to 125 channels and can display them in VGA, SVGA or XGA resolution, at full screen in 24-bit color. The Video (NTSC or PAL) to VGA and DVI Converters are stand-alone, plug and play units and do not require software drivers. They feature Auto-scan Free to Air and Cable TV channels with memory to add and erase channels. The DE-INTERLACE function can provide high quality picture with sharp & stable image output to VGA. The units also boast a sleep timer function and provide support for 3:2 pulldown of film mode.

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PAL (Multi) to VGA / DVI Vivid TV Converter.
NTSC to VGA / DVI Vivid TV Converter.

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