PAL or NTSC Video to PAL or NTSC RGB Digital Converter

  • 8th September, 2004

Announcing our latest model, the PAL or NTSC Video to PAL or NTSC RGB Digital Converter, which is highly suitable for LCD car displays. Unlike most converters that have the capacity to convert the signal one-way (PAL Video to PAL RGB), this unit is a true multi-style converter where a PAL input can convert to a NTSC RGB output. The unit accepts a range of composite video inputs including NTSC, N4, PAL M and N, or SECAM, and converts to RGB or PAL output.

With a built in color bar, automatic input detection, 6 MB of built in field memory, and a built in 12V DC to DC inverter, this model is ideal for use in car applications. It has a digital line of 525 -625 lines and a 60 - 50 field conversion rate. The unit is powered with DC 12V 300mA power wires and has a video input of 1 Vp-p 75 ohm RCA terminal. For more information click this link.

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