Scart to HDTV and PC Converter

  • 19th February, 2007

Scart to HDTV and PC Converter is a versitile unit capable of taking up to four inputs 2 Scart, 1 Composite (AV) and 1 S-Video and scaling this up to HDTV or PC. Allowing you to make the best of your High Definition screen.

Upscaling is the process where your standard 15K video signals from your Scart, Composite or S-Video. Are transform into brillant 31K High Definition quality via the VGA output of the converter. Thanks to this device's quality system the signal can be outputted in both HDTV up to 1080i or PC up to SXGA(for standard 4:3 monitors) or WSXGA (for 16:9 widescreen models).

For more information and picture please use the following link Scart to HDTV and PC Converter

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