DVI with Digital Audio to HDMI Converter

  • 19th February, 2007

DVI with Digital Audio to HDMI Converter is a professional unit that can take your Digital Video (DVI) & Audio (SPDIF) signal from your PC or HD device and convert it into HDMI which is a combined Video and Audio fully digital signal.

Unlike a DVI to HDMI cable which are not capable of convertering the video or audio correctly leading to a incorrect picture or no picture at all being outputted. This converter will auto detection the input format for digital RGB or YPbPr and is HDCP Compliant.

The unit is compact and can input and output all HDTV (480i to 1080p) and VGA (VGA to UXGA) resolutions. The converter also comes with a universal power supply which allows it to be used anywhere in the world.

For more information and picture please use the following link DVI with Digital Audio to HDMI Converter

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