PC (VGA to UXGA) to PAL or NTSC Converter

  • 19th May, 2004

Our latest model is the PC (VGA to UXGA) to PAL or NTSC Converter, (CPT-380) a high-end PC to Video converter capable of handling resolutions of up to UXGA (1600x1200). It automatically detects and down converts the incoming PC images to NTSC or PAL. The unit features adjustable image scaling – pan, position and zoom and an advanced 2D flicker filter to ensure flicker-free picture. Contrast, brightness, colour and sharpness can be adjusted and controlled through the RS-232 interface. Other useful functions include high brite, overscan, freeze, test pattern and magnifier. The converter comes with a remote control and boasts OSD operation display and a choice of wide or standard screen. To view the product follow this link.

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