Car Reversing Cameras

  • 15th November, 2007

Car Reversing Cameras are a new product line for "Converters.TV" customers. Our Car Reversing Cameras are designed for optimal performance with very simple and quick installation. To use our Car Reversing Camera is as easy as plugging into your existing LCD Display panel. Using two wires of the cars reversing lights harness for 12vDC power supply, how simple can it be? The Car Reversing Camera is adaptable to Trucks and larger All Terrain Vehicles.

A compact yet sturdy hardened chassis surrounds and protects our Car Reversing Camera's internal components. Our Car Reversing Cameras can be snugly installed in the car's rear bumper-bar or trunk paneling. For the larger car and truck our stand out mounting chassis model is ideal for positioning for any circumstance.

Features of our Car Reversing Camera range include the in-built CMOS Digital Colour chip-set converters. This produces a high quality digital colour image relay direct to your LCD display panel. Also our Car Reversing Camera range has enhanced Night Vision capability. This is achieved by no less than nine (up-to eighteen in some models), Infra-Red LED sensors delivering a bright as day picture to your LCD display panel to help ensure safer reverse navigation into dark areas.
The Car Reverse Camera range is adaptable to both PAL and NTSC systems.
Audio capability is available on some models, adding an extra dimension to the Safety aspect of our Car Reversing Camera range.
Our Car Reversing Camera range are all weatherproofed to Standard IP66 for operation in the most adverse of conditions.
This Car Reversing Camera range guarantees 24 hour / 7 days a week functionality and reliability for safe reversing in day or night, all weather conditions.

An added bonus for these Car Reversing Cameras are their suitability for use with our range of Video to RGB converters. The Video to RGB converter allows Navigation, DVD and Car Reverse Camera to all be displayed on the one LCD display panel. The Car Reversing Camera takes precedence over the other inputs when the car is placed into reverse.

The Car Reversing Camera range are suitable for reversing applications only and should not be used for any other purpose.

Car Reversing Cameras


-Image Device: 1/3 inch colour CMOS 0V7910
-TV system: PAL / NTSC
-Video Output: 1.0Vp-p 75 ohm
-Horizontal Resolution: 420 TV Lines
-Number of Pixels: 500(H) x 582(V)
-IR Distance: 15m (18 IR sensor model)
-IR Status: under 10 Lux by CDS
-IR Power On: CDS Auto Control
-Illumination: 1 Lux(F:2.0); 0 Lux with in-built IR LED's
-Gain Control: Auto (AGC)
-Water Resistance: Standard IP66
-Operating Temperatures: -10C to 50C w/Rel. Humidity @ 95%

Power Supply:

-Voltage: 12vDC to 24vDC (+/-10%)
-Current: 600mA
-Polarity: Negative Earth (-12vDC)

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