• 6th November, 2007

The 12.1 inch CGA, EGA to VGA and SVGA Open Frame LCD Monitor Panel is a new development product for our "Converter.TV" customers.

Loaded with other great functions, this makes the 12.1 inch CGA and EGA and VGA and SVGA Open Frame LCD Monitor Panel one of the best value-for-money products available in todays market.

The 12.1 inch CGA and EGA and VGA and SVGA Open Frame LCD Monitor Panel has many great features that enhance the functionality and compatibility with Personal Computer and over Ninety percent of CNC Machine Tools, Sheet-metal and Fabrication machines used for Industry, especially for customers who are using CGA or EGA video signals. Retrofitting the LCD Monitor Panel into a host machine is very easy given the LCD Monitor Panels simple design and adaptability.

VESA Plug and Play function eliminates the sometimes complicated and time-consuming installation process, auto-adjusting to the input signal from the controlling host device. User adjusted settings, such as for clocking, phase and picture positioning are saved automatically for each signal timing, while all other user adjustments have one setting for all signal timings.

For efficient power consumption, the LCD Monitor Panel has an on- board Power Control System, thereby reducing the power supply to the low voltage mode when the LCD Monitor Panel is idle for a preset time limit. This time limit can be set by your PC. This also extends the life of the LCD Monitor Panel and greatly reduces the possibility of screen-burn occurring.

An OSD Menu is a standard feature for this LCD Monitor Panel and can be used to adjust settings such as image brightness, contrast, sharpness, RGB colour enhancement and temperature, image alignment, screen testing for correct operation, language choice, input source selection and also has a factory settings/default reset function.
All this combined enables a displayed image to be picture-perfect.

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