4 Input CV-SV Video Switch

  • 22nd April, 2016

Video CV-SV 4x1 Switch connects and selects between four standard definition Interlaced Composite (CV) and Super video (SV) signals for display on a standard definition television (SDTV). Full support is given for NTSC and PAL video formats and analog stereo left/right audio. No more need to swap over tangled cables whenever you want to use a different video source with your SDTV. Simply use the hand-held remote control or panel mounted soft-touch buttons to effortlessly select your input. The Video CV-SV 4x1 Switch is perfect for use with older style standard definition video/audio players and arcade game consoles.

Standard definition TV's usually only have a Composite video and/or an S-video input. Having only one input on your SDTV can be quite frustrating, especially when wanting to use multiple sources like DVD's, VCR's, Set Top Box's and Game Consoles. You have to continually change in and out the cables from each source. With tangled, messy cables laying around and constant handling of same, this leads to wear and tear and problems later on.

The Video CV-SV 4x1 Switch prevents this from happening by having the cabling from all four sources permanantly connected to its four individual inputs. The Composite or S-video output is then connected to your SDTV. The analog stereo left/right audio output may be connected to the SDTV's audio line input, or it can be connected to a separate sound system amplifier for superior sound reproduction.

Fully compatible with PAL and NTSC video formats, but only one format can be setup on the switch at the one time. If a PAL TV is connected, then sources must be of PAL format. If an NTSC TV is connected, then sources must be of NTSC format. A bonus of the Video CV-SV 4x1 Switch is that the output signal is transmitted simultaneously on both the Composite and S-video outputs, giving the ability to change from one connector type to the other.

An extremely handy, top quality tool to add to your Home Theatre system, the Video CV-SV 4x1 Switch helps make life a little bit easier and more enjoyable. If interested to learn more about this product, then simply click here to access the product's webpage. You may read more about the product's Features and Specifications or download the free User Manual. If needing to purchase, then do so on-line through our simple "Checkout" process or contact our friendly Staff for personal assistance.

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