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Coaxial HDMI Transmitter and Receiver Box for the transmission of HDMI Full HD over Coaxial cable, for up to 100 metres distance. Features support full HDMI v1.3 1080p 12bit Colour transmission, support Deep Colour, in-built CEC technology, support for HD Audio up to 7.1 Surround (8 channel audio). Transmission format ensures no delay or loss of Video and Audio signals over long distance and no software required for operation.

The DVI Over CAT5 Transmitter allows a user to distribute a DVI signal over CAT5 cable. When used with a DVI Over CAT5 Receiver Box, this unit provides a great way to transmit and extend a DVI signal over a long distance (100-250metres depending on Receiver used).

​The HDBaseT HDMI over CAT5e/6 Transmitter & Receiver dual PoE sends and receives uncompressed High Definition video and audio signals over a single run of CAT5e/6 cable, up to a distance of 100m (382ft). Incorporating HDBaseT 5Play convergence technology for Video, Audio, LAN, Control (IR & RS-232) and Power over Ethernet (PoE) this compact and efficient video/audio transmission system is perfect for installations that need adaptability and versatility.

The HDBaseT HDMI/IR/RS-232/PoE to CAT5e/6/7 Transmitter ( used in conjunction with the receiver #782) makes your home or office more efficient by transmitting and receiving uncompressed HDMI video and audio signals up to a distance of 100m. You can control signalling that can be utilised on the HDBaseT HDMI/IR/RS-232/PoE to CAT5e/6/7 Transmitter/Receiver through the built-in RS-232 and IR ports over 100 meters.

The HDMI v1.3 to CAT6 Transmitter is designed to allow you to extend a HDMI signal over a long distance. Instead of using expensive HDMI cables, this unit distributes the signal over a CAT6 cable. When used with an appropriate CAT6 to HDMI Receiver unit, the Input/Output source can run up to 45 meters (1080p/8 bits).

The HDMI v1.3 to twin CAT6 Transmitter allows a user to distribute a HDMI signal over CAT6 cable. It is intended to be used with a HDMI to CAT6 Receiver unit (eg ID#789), and allows you to extend a HDMI signal over a long distance. One benefit of using CAT6 cable instead of other cable for long cable runs is its inexpensive price, making long cable runs more cost effective than ever before.

The HDMI Video Transmitter over Cat5 transmits a HDMI signal to a Receiver unit over Category 5 cable, and is used to extend the overall HDMI signal distance. Depending on the type of receiver used with the transmitter, the HDMI signal can be extended for a distance of 50m to 250m.

The Wireless PC to TV Converter can send video/audio signals from a smart phone, PC or Notebook through Wi-Fi to a TV and use it as the primary display. The Wireless PC to TV Converter is designed as a DLNA DMR (Digital Media Renderer) which means users can easily send audio, video and pictures from a computer wirelessly to TV.

Showing 8 of 8 products