Multi Signal Converters

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The All Video to HDMI Converter accepts most video formats, outputting as an HDMI video/audio stream for viewing content in High Definition resolution on HDTV's. It also allows you to have your DVD player, game console, Set-top box, PC and other devices connected and ready for selection to instantly display to your HDTV.

The Component and PC to Composite Video Scan Converter is designed to down scale Component and PC VGA signals to an analog Composite Video NTSC or PAL signal. Supporting Standard Def and High Def Component inputs from 480i/p to 1080i/p, and PC resolutions of VGA up to WUXGA@60hz, this scan converter scales down to either Standard Def PAL or NTSC video for CV (yellow plug) connection to SDTV's.

This HDMI/DisplayPort/VGA to HDMI Scaler with HDBaseT Output is designed to switch and scale up to 5 AV inputs to simultaneous HDMI and HDBaseT outputs at resolutions up to 1080p & WUXGA.

The PC/HDTV to Video Scan Converter is a high performance multi format converter which can convert PC and also HDTV images to interlaced NTSC/PAL and component output. This unit is ideal for use in applications such as video conferencing, home theatre, professional presentations or simply viewing PC/HDTV images on TV.

Showing 4 of 4 products