Component and PC to Composite Video Scan Converter

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Product Description

The Component and PC to Composite Video Scan Converter is designed to down scale Component and PC VGA signals to an analog Composite Video NTSC or PAL signal. Supporting Standard Def and High Def Component inputs from 480i/p to 1080i/p, and PC resolutions of VGA up to WUXGA@60hz, this scan converter scales down to either Standard Def PAL or NTSC video for CV (yellow plug) connection to SDTV's.

This allows for newer technology equipment to be connected to older style TV's. With many functions such as 3D noise reduction, frame rate conversion (PAL/NTSC), adaptive contrast enhancement , overscan & underscan, aspect ratio selection, OSD menu control and no software required, this unit is ideal for commercial or private home use.

The Component and PC to Composite Video Scan Converter uses a standard 15/15 pin D-sub cable or a 15 pin D-sub to 3 RCA Plug Component cable for connection to the source equipment with VGA or Component output. Use a yellow plug RCA cable for connection from the converter to the Composite Video input of your TV. Audio (Left/Right - red and white) is connected directly from the source audio output to the TV's CV audio input. Power is supplied from a 5vDC source. LED lights indicate status of power on/off and the output video signal as PAL or NTSC.

The input PC or Component signal is auto detected by the Component and PC to Composite Video Scan Converter and an OSD Menu makes selection of output signal parameters very easy. For simple 1st tier input/output signal details, press the OSD button for 1 second. For instant PAL/NTSC format conversion, press twice. Press and hold for 5 seconds and the 2nd tier OSD Menu allows you to change parameters for NTSC/PAL output / Underscan 1 & 2 / Overscan / Phase Adjust and Aspect Ratios (Full/Letterbox/Pan&Scan/Auto TV 4:3/Auto TV 16:9) All settings are retained at power down/up.

NOTE: Does Not Support Interlace (i) Source Signal Frame Rate Conversion between 50Hz & 60Hz:

-Does Not Support 480i and 1080i@60Hz to PAL 50Hz Frame Rate Conversion
-Does Not Support 576i and 1080i@50Hz to NTSC 60Hz Frame Rate Conversion

Product Details


  • Converts video signal from SD/HD Component or VGA PC source to SD NTSC or PAL signal
  • Accepts a wide range of Component input resolutions from 480i to 1080p@60Hz and PC input resolutions from VGA to UXGA@60RB
  • 3D noise reduction in both temporal and spatial domain
  • Frame rate conversion 50/60Hz (See NOTE)
  • Retain last settings after power-up
  • Powers "on" if last setting "on"
  • Adaptive contrast enhancement
  • OSD Information and Menu Display
  • Overscan and Underscan adjustment
  • Phase and Aspect adjustment
  • No software installation require
  • Lightweight, compact and elegant design
  • Input/Output ports and Control buttons clearly marked and accessible


  • Does not support interlace source signal conversion between 50/60Hz
  • Does not support 480i and 1080i@60 to PAL frame rate conversion
  • Does not support 576i and 1080i@50 to NTSC frame rate conversion

Supported Input PC VGA Resolutions:

  • 640*480@60/72/75/85Hz
  • 800*600@56/60/72/75/85Hz
  • 1024*768@60/70/75/85
  • 1280*960@60Hz
  • 1280*1024@60Hz
  • 1366*768@60Hz
  • 1600*1200@60Hz
  • 1920*1200@60Hz

Supported Input Component HD Resolutions:

  • 720*480i@59/60Hz (NOTE: will only display when output is in NTSC format)
  • 720*480p@59/60Hz
  • 1280*720p@59/60Hz
  • 1920*1080i@59/60 (NOTE: will only display when output is in NTSC format)
  • 1920*1080p@59/60Hz
  • 720*576i@50 (NOTE: will only display when output is in PAL format)
  • 720*576p@50Hz
  • 1280*720p@50Hz
  • 1920*1080i@50Hz (NOTE: will only display when output is in PAL format)
  • 1920*1080p@50Hz


  • Input Port: 1 x VGA 15 pin D-sub (for VGA or Component connection)
  • Output Ports: 1 x CVBS RCA
  • Output Video: NTSC or PAL selectable
  • ESD Protection: Human body model: ± 8kV (air-gap discharge), ± 6kV(contact discharge)
  • Power Supply: 100-240vAC to 5V DC/1A power adaptor or 100-240vAC to 5V /1.2A switching power adaptor (with universal plugs, US/EU standards, CE/FCC/UL certified)
  • Power Consumption (watts): 3W
  • Chassis Material: Plastic
  • Silkscreen Color: White
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C / 32°F ~ 104°F
  • Storage Temperature: -20°C ~ 60°C / -4°F ~ 140°F
  • Relative Humidity -- 20 ~90%RH (non-condensing)

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  • Shipping Weight = 0.321 kgs

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Component and PC to Composite Video Scan Converter Manuals

What's Included

  • Component and PC to Composite Video Scan Converter
  • Component and PC to Composite Video Scan Converter User Manual
  • Switch mode Power Supply 100~240v 50~60Hz 0.3A, DC 5V 1.2A