Audio Splitters Switches

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HDMI v1.3 Video and Digital Audio Selector 4in:1out is a high performance switch, allowing quick and easy control of 4 x HDMI video with separate digital coaxial or TOSlink audio sources to display on 1 x High Definition TV or projector. Fully HDMI v1.3 Video compatible, this product supports Dolby Digital TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio transmission. Designed for application in Retail Stores, Conference Centres and is ideal for Home Theatre integration.

The USB Audio Centre allows multiple digital and analog audio sources to be controlled and switched to attached equipment like active speakers, an Amplifier or headphones. Select and play sound files stored on your PC, or connect an external analog stereo L/R audio source to 'Line In' of the device. Connect active speakers or an amplifier to the 'Line Out' of the device for perfect sound reproduction of your selected music. A 6.3mmheadphone output jack connection is also available for private quiet time listening.

Showing 2 of 2 products