2.4GHz wireless CMOS camera & receiver with USB Video Capture

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Product Description

This 2.4GHz wireless CMOS camera & receiver with USB Video Capture is a wireless audio and video transmitter and receiver with 1/3" colour CMOS video camera and microphone integrated into the transmitter. The video capture function can capture both still and full motion video and it can capture the image instantly.

It can be used for home security purposes as well as it can be applied to video and image capture, video conference and video entertainment.
The unit includes a built-in microphone for audio monitoring and allows the user to view or record the image on TV/VCR/VCD/DVD player or computer.

Product Details


  • Supports RCA Video IN, S-Video IN and stereo phone jack Audio IN.
  • Built-in microphone.
  • Four channels available for best quality selection.
  • View or record the image on TV, VCR/VCD/DVD player or computer with video capture function.
  • When you connect a RCA cable to the Video IN of receiver, it will replace and disconnect the remote input video signal.
  • It is the best for application on Entertainment/ Attendance/ Surveillance and market on DIY, SOHO and security.
  • Supports Windows 98/Me/2000.



  • 2.4~2.483 GHz frequency range: CH1=2410 MHz, CH2=2430 MHz, CH3=2450 MHz, CH4=2470 MHz.
  • Frequency deviation: ± 100KHz (10 degrees~50 degrees).
  • 1/3" CMOS video camera with built-in 2.4GHz wireless AV sender.
  • 300 TV lines; 300,000 pixels; 3 Lux.
  • Demodulation method: FM.
  • RF Output power: Vcc=3.3V, LOAD=50, 10 dBm.
  • Horizontal Scanning Frequency: NTSC-15.734KHz, PAL-15.625 KHz.
  • Vertical Scanning Frequency: NTSC-59.94 Hz, PAL- 50.00Hz.
  • S/N ratio: With AGC OFF 46dB.
  • Dipole antenna (85mm) provides optimal video and audio reception.
  • Supports NTSC or PAL video systems.
  • Built-in microphone.
  • The wireless colour CMOS video camera pivots 360 degrees on mounting stand for optimal installation.
  • Power Supply: DC 6V 800mA Center positive.
  • Power Consumption: 0.5W MAX.
  • Operating temperature: 10 degrees- 50 degrees.
  • Dimensions: W100 x D80 x H60 mm.


  • ISM Band: 2400Mhz~2483Mhz Audio/Video on four selectable channels: CH1=2410 MHz, CH2=2430MHz, CH3=2450MHz, CH4=2470MHz.
  • Interface: USB V1.1.
  • Antenna Mode: Dipole, which provides optimal video and audio reception.
  • Video output: Composite Video 1Vp-p.
  • Audio Output: RCA-L, RCA_R (1Vrms).
  • Antenna Port: 50 Ohm PCB Track.
  • RF Receiver current consumption: under 450mA. (Typical).
  • RF Receiver Sensitivity: -80dbm. (Minimum).
  • High Speed compression supports real-time image output.
  • Supports the following video formats and frame rate compression: 640x480-9~15fps, 352x288-25~30fps, 320x240-30fps, 176x144-30fps, 160x120-30fps.
  • Video/Audio Source- INT (from RF CMOS camera)/EXT(Video IN: Audio IN:S-Video).
  • Capture key: Snap-shot key/Software capture.
  • Video Frame: 320x240 (30 frames)/640x480 (12 frames).
  • TWAIN compatible hardware CAPTURE.
  • Power source: DC 6V 800mA Center positive.
  • Operation temperature: 10 degrees~50 degrees.
  • Dimensions: D125 x W90 x H30 mm.

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What's Included

  • 2.4GHz wireless CMOS Camera
  • 2.4GHz wireless CMOS Reciever
  • Camera Mounting Kit
  • Video and Stereo AV Cable
  • Composite
  • RCA Cable (Male to Male)
  • Line Jack Cable
  • Super Video Cable (Male to Male) Cable
  • Software
  • DC 6V 800mA Center positive Power Supply