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Product Description

The HDMI Video Scaler accepts a HDMI input, scales it, and outputs to HDMI at a number of different selectable resolutions. It scales any PC (VGA-WUXGA) or HD (480i-1080p) to/from another PC/HD resolution.

When the Native Resolution setting is selected from the On Screen Display, the HDMI Video Scaler will automatically detect the factory setting of the connected display, and output the corresponding resolution and refresh rate. Supported input/output resolutions include VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA, UXGA, WXGA, WSXGA, WUXGA, 480i, 576i, 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p.

The HDMI Video Scaler supports both analog and digital audio input and output. Audio can be connected via the Audio Input port, or you can connect an external SPDIF audio source via the SPDIF TOSLINK (optical) Input port.

The HDMI Video Scaler would suit those who want the ability to easily switch the resolution of their HDMI input source for the best display quality possible for their HDTV. The HDMI Video Scaler is very versatile, offering a range of resolutions, and offering unmatched flexibility for the user. Application of the HDMI Video Scaler is unsurpassed, making it ideal for integration into modern-day lifestyles dependent on new cutting-edge technology.

The HDMI Video Scaler is compatible for DVI/HDMI to HDMI/DVI conversion using a DVI/HDMI converter cable.

Product Details

Practical Applications:
The HDMI Video Scaler is ideal for use in:

  • Lecture Halls and Auditoriums.
  • Educational Facilities such as Schools and Universities.
  • Shopping Malls and Large Retail Shops.
  • Sports Stadiums and Gymnasiums.
  • Recreational Resort and Accommodation Facilities.
  • Industrial Complexes.
  • Commercial Office Buildings.
  • Private Family Homes.

The HDMI Video Scaler is ideal for use by:

  • Professional Advertisers.
  • Lecture Professors, Public and Private Teachers.
  • Industrial Manufacturers.
  • Commercial Shop owners.
  • Resort and Motel/Hotel Managers
  • Sports Organisers.
  • Concert, Stage and Theatre groups.
  • Private Home Owners.


  • Modern, slimline and durable casing.
  • Easy to instal and operate.
  • Easy access to connections and operation controls.
  • Clearly labelled inputs, outputs and operation controls.
  • OSD for full operation settings and control. (Image adjust features)
  • LED indicator for power on/off.
  • Supports 50/60Hz conversion.
  • Native function for auto-detect display device data to auto-set unit output.
  • Supports PAL and NTSC Video systems.
  • Supports PC (VGA up to WUXGA) and HD (480p/i up to 1080p/i) resolutions.
  • Supports Audio Digital and Analog inputs and outputs.
  • 5vDC power supply


  • HD Video Input connector: 1 x HDMI female (Type A)
  • HD Video Output connector: 1 x HDMI female (Type A)
  • Digital Audio i/p & o/p connectors: 1 x SPDIF/TOSLINK (optical)
  • Analog Audio i/p & o/p connectors: 1 x Phono jack 3.5mm
  • HDMI 1.2, HDCP 1.1, DVI 1.0 compliant
  • Video 3-D motion picture adaptive & de-interlacing
  • Video 3:2 / 2:2 pull-down detection & recovery
  • Power Supply: Universal Switch Mode 100-240vAC to 3.3vDC 1.2A
  • Dimensions: 15.0(w) x 10.0(d) x 2.5(h)
  • Weight: 330 grams

Accepted Resolutions: DVI and HDMI:

  • 640*480@60hz
  • 640*480@72hz
  • 640*480@75hz
  • 640*480@85hz
  • 800*600@56hz
  • 800*600@60hz
  • 800*600@72hz
  • 800*600@75hz
  • 800*600@85hz
  • 1024*768@60hz
  • 1024*768@70hz
  • 1024*768@75hz
  • 1024*768@85hz
  • 1366*768@50hz
  • 1366*768@60hz
  • 1280*960@60hz
  • 1280*960@85hz
  • 1280*1024@60hz
  • 1280*1024@75hz
  • 1280*1024@85hz
  • 1600*1200@60hz
  • 1920*1200@60hz
  • 720x480i@59hz
  • 720x480i@60hz
  • 720x480p@59hz
  • 720x480p@60hz
  • 1280*720p@59hz
  • 1280*720p@60hz
  • 1920*1080i@59hz
  • 1920*1080i@60hz
  • 1920*1080p@59hz
  • 19201080p60hz
  • 720x576i@50hz
  • 720*576p@50hz
  • 1280x720p@50hz
  • 1920*1080i@50hz
  • 1920*1080p@50hz
  • 1920*1080p@23hz
  • 1920*1080p@24hz

Output timings selectable using OSD Menu.

Default Output Timing:

  • Native : auto-detects connected screen and sets output to best suit screen specifications

Output HDMI HD Timings:

  • 1080p@50/60Hz
  • 1080i@50/60Hz
  • 720p@50/60Hz
  • 576i/p@50/60Hz
  • 480i/p@50/60Hz

Output HDMI PC Timings:


Dimensions and Weight

10.0 cm
3.93 inches
15.0 cm
5.90 inches
2.5 cm
0.98 inches
0.330 kg
0.72 lb

Carton Details

18.3 cm
7.20 inches
28.5 cm
11.22 inches
7.5 cm
2.95 inches
0.820 kg
1.80 lb
  • Shipping Weight = 0.820 kgs

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HDMI Video Scaler Manuals

What's Included

  • HDMI Video Scaler
  • HDMI Video Scaler User Manual
  • Line Jack to Stereo AV Cable
  • 100~240VAC to 5V DC 2.6A Switch Mode Power Supply (Center Positive)