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BNC Plug to RCA Socket plug. Change RCA video gender to BNC twist gender.

A Digital TV In-Car Antenna that has an adhesive back for mounting to windscreens and is especially designed for car tuners. The antenna is fitted to the car tuner via the antenna's F connector.

The car DVD player plays DVD, VCD, MP3, CD and AM/FM radio. The unit contains 30 preset memory stations including 18FM stations and 12AM stations. The stations can be scanned and memorized, where the radio automatically selects a station and stores up to 6 stations.

The 5" car in-dash TFT-LCD colour TV provides a clear and sharp picture with 255 preset channels. The user can select the language that they desire from Chinese, Russian, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German or Arabic. The calendar function enables the year, month and day to appear on the screen, while the picture mode allows for the selection of screen modes between 16:9 and 16:9-1.

Car Navigation Screen Dual Video PAL NTSC to RGB Converter allows you to convert or upgrade your car's new LCD screen or navigation system to allow the viewing of video(DVD's, TV, Playstation 2, etc), as well has having the capability to use a reverse camera with this Plug & Play converter.

Ditch the blind spot, embrace crystal clarity: Introducing the Rear Vision Colour Car Camera

Tired of guessing what's lurking behind you? Eliminate the blind spot and confidently navigate any road with our revolutionary Rear Vision Colour Car Camera. Experience the difference that 1/3 Sony CCD 420TVL Image Sensor Technology bring to your driving, delivering sharp, vivid images even in low-light conditions.

The Car Rear Vision Colour Camera is designed to be installed in the back of a vehicle to display colour images onto an in-car monitor.

The CAT6 to CAT6 Repeater is a great solution to extend a CAT6 signal across a long range without degradation. The repeater equalizes and recovers the signal before re-transmitting with optimal quality regardless of the incoming signal quality.

The CAT6 to HDMI v1.3 Receiver is designed to allow you to extend a HDMI signal over a long distance. Instead of using expensive HDMI cables, this unit distributes the signal over a CAT6 cable. When used with an appropriate HDMI to CAT6 Transmitter unit, the Input/Output source can run up to 45 meters (1080p/8 bits).

The HDMI v1.3 to CAT6 Transmitter is designed to allow you to extend a HDMI signal over a long distance. Instead of using expensive HDMI cables, this unit distributes the signal over a CAT6 cable. When used with an appropriate CAT6 to HDMI Receiver unit, the Input/Output source can run up to 45 meters (1080p/8 bits).

A CGA to VGA Converter - LCD Suitable allowing a 15khz RGB signal to display on PC monitor or TFT monitor at 640x480.

A high performance CGA to VGA converter designed specifically for use with gaming model boards. The converter allows boards from manufacturers such as AMCOE, ASTRO and DYNA to be diplayed on VGA monitors (CRT or LCD). This product is especially suited to gaming machines that have a CGA monitor that has failed, allowing a cheaper and more readily available VGA monitor to be used as a replacement.

Coaxial to CO-AX 2 Toslink two way converter designed to accept an S/PDIF audio input through either Coaxial cable or Toslink cable, and passes the signal (as is) to both the Coaxial and Toslink output ports. The unit has a built in amplification feature which makes it suitable to use as a Toslink or Coaxial audio signal repeater.

Coaxial HDMI Transmitter and Receiver Box for the transmission of HDMI Full HD over Coaxial cable, for up to 100 metres distance. Features support full HDMI v1.3 1080p 12bit Colour transmission, support Deep Colour, in-built CEC technology, support for HD Audio up to 7.1 Surround (8 channel audio). Transmission format ensures no delay or loss of Video and Audio signals over long distance and no software required for operation.

The Coaxial/Optical to R/L Audio Converter -192kHz is an easy to use product that converts Coaxial or Optical audio signals into Left/Right audio, supporting S/PDIF LPCM 2CH @ 24 bits (for left and right channel) and a sample frequency of 44.1, 48, 96kHz up to 192KHz.

The Component and PC to Composite Video Scan Converter is designed to down scale Component and PC VGA signals to an analog Composite Video NTSC or PAL signal. Supporting Standard Def and High Def Component inputs from 480i/p to 1080i/p, and PC resolutions of VGA up to WUXGA@60hz, this scan converter scales down to either Standard Def PAL or NTSC video for CV (yellow plug) connection to SDTV's.

This Component to RGB Converter enables you to view your HDTV programs or high res video games on your PC Monitor. Since the output signal timing is exactly the same as the input singal timing, no pixel re-scaling needs to occur.

The Component to RGBHV Converter (CYU-343) will convert YCbCr 480i/576i (15Khz) and YPbPr 480p/576p (31Khz) to RGBHV for connection to a VGA monitor.

Component Video to HDMI Converter plus Audio with analog/digital Audio conversion capability. The Component Video to HDMI Converter plus Audio allows conversion of Component Y/CbCr/PbPr video signals from a DVD player, Set-Top Box or Multimedia player to be displayed on HDTV displays.

The Cubix Cubox Digital Diary provides the user with portable storage which can be used as a full-ranged memory card reader or as TV/AV display for motion or still files.

The Cubix TV Box is a USB 2.0 Hi-speed TV box which is NTSC and PAL compliant. The features of the unit include a time-shift function, video encoding and DVD/VCD authoring.

A DC 1 in 2 power cable, also known as a DC splitter cable, is a type of cable that has one DC power input and two DC power outputs. It's essentially a Y-shaped cable that's used to split a single DC power source into two separate power outputs, allowing you to power two devices simultaneously.

DC 1 in 4 Power CableA DC 1 in 4 power cable, also known as a DC splitter cable, is a type of cable that has one DC power input and four DC power outputs. It is used to split a single DC power source into four separate power outputs, which can be used to power multiple devices.

This unit is a high speed portable digital HDTV capture box. The user can watch, record and play back high quality digital terrestrial TV program on their PC. The digital TV can also be received and watched while moving at a high speed.

Digital Optical Audio Switcher designed for the signal selection from two digital optical inputs to one input, using Toslink (optical fiber) cables.

The Digital PC-TV Receiver-SM-338L enables PC monitors to display movies from your DVD player, Camera or Gaming consoles and will also allow you to watch TV programs through an antenna input.

Digital S/PDIF and TosLink Audio over single Cat5e/6 Transmitter and Receiver is designed to transmit Optical and Coaxial digital audio signals up to 150 meters using one CAT5e/6 cable.

This digital satellite receiver contains a decode CMOS chip and provides the user with a sharp and clear picture. The unit can store 2000 channels and comes with a full-function remote control.

The Digital to Analog Two Way Audio Converter allows you to convert an Analog 2CH Left/Right audio signal into a Digital audio signal, or change Digital TOSlink or Coaxial audio signals into an Analog 2CH L/R audio signal.

The Digital TV Box DVB-S-SM-8028 allows the reception of high quality digital television. The unit also comes with an infrared remote control and an On Screen Display menu for simple program selection.

The DisplayPort 1 In 4 Out Splitter allows a single DisplayPort input source to be displayed on four DisplayPort output monitors simultaneously. It supports video resolution up to 2560 x 1600 and audio up to PCM 7.1 The DisplayPort 1 In 4 Out Splitter provides a fast switch between source and display and saves EDID's reading sink time to allow image to display properly.

The DisplayPort Extender Splitter 1 In 3 Out is a multi-taskers device, extending the signal from the display input for regeneration and splitting to three separate displays (which are SD compatible).

​The Display Port to HDMI Converter provides digital signal conversion from DisplayPort to HDMI interface, utilizing ‘DisplayPort to HDMI Level Shifter' technology.

Showing 32 of 322 products