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HDMI to Video CV/SV Downscaler now available

HDMI to Video CV/SV Downscaler now available
HDMI to Video CV/SV Downscaler now available

We are excited to introduce our latest product - the HDMI to Video CV/SV Downscaler. The unit is designed to downscale a HDMI input to an analog signal of NTSC or PAL. This allows people with HDMI devices to view content on their standard definition displays, with the unit featuring many other useful applications including HDMI pass thru and the ability to connect multiple displays simultaneously.

The unit has HDMI pass-thru, with HDMI Input and HDMI, Composite Video and S-Video Output. This provides a convenient way to both watch and record content at the same time. It is possible for users to watch High Definition content via the HDMI Input/Output, whilst also recording the content (in standard resolutions 480i or 576i) using a DVR or VCR machine connected to the Composite Video or S-Video Outputs. For example you could connect your High Def Set top box to the HDMI Input and record the content using a DVR player connected to the S-Video Output.

Users can connect multiple displays to the unit as well. The unit has HDMI, Composite Video, and S-Video Output, meaning that if you wanted you could connect three different displays at the same time, with content displaying simultaneously to each of the connected displays. The unit accepts a wide range of input resolutions from 480p to 1080p @ 60Hz (except 1080p@24Hz), and PC from VGA to UXGA@60Hz. Users can also connect a DVI device using a DVI to HDMI cable/adapter.

The HDMI to Video CV/SV Downscaler also acts as a signal converter - converting the video signal from the HDMI Input source to a selectable NTSC or PAL signal. This feature works only with the Composite Video and S-Video Output ports, with the HDMI Output simply delivering the original signal from the Input source.

The unit has has a range of different possibilities for dealing with audio Input/Output. Besides the HDMI Input port which carries both Audio and Video, there is also a Coaxial Audio Input/Output for those who would like to connect their Audio device separately. This allows you to deal with your audio in a flexible manner with HDMI, as well as coaxial, and L/R connection Outputs supported.

The HDMI to Video CV/SV Downscaler is certainly much more than a simple downscaler and has many various applications and set-up possibilities. Our sales staff would love to talk to you about the unit and would be happy to answer and questions you may have. For more information contact sales at converters dot tv or phone us on +612 49 689313. To view the product page and order the unit Click Here

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