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Dual HDMI to Component HD Converter

Dual HDMI to Component HD Converter
Dual HDMI to Component HD Converter

Dual HDMI to Component HD (Y/CbCr/PbPr) Converter for selection between two High Definition Multimedia sources to the Component HD input of your HDTV. Connect any two HDMI output devices to the twin HDMI inputs of this compact, yet versatile selector switch. For your choice of display to LCD, Plasma or CRT HD television using Component input, this unit is ideal for extending your HDTV's capabilities where you are limited for available HD inputs.

The Dual HDMI to Component HD (Y/CbCr/PbPr) Converter is suitable for use with High Definition DVD players, Set Top Boxes and Playstations. In fact, any HDMI enabled source easily connects via the standard HDMI cable for conversion to HD Component Red, Green, Blue for output to Analog or Digital HD Component TV's. This is ideal for those not so old LCD, Plasma and HD CRT television sets or flat screen monitors that do not have HDMI input connection.

Save "dollars" by utilising your existing TV to watch High Definition analog and digital video upto a resolution of 1080p and i. The input HD resolution is passed through the Dual HDMI to Component HD (Y/CbCr/PbPr) Converter for presentation to your HDTV's Component inputs. Analog and Digital Audio are also generated by the Converter for connection to your TV's Left/Right or Co-axial inputs, or you can use your Stereo or Surround Sound audio systems for true Cinema sound reproduction.

Fully HDMI 1.2, HDCP 1.1 and DVI 1.0 compliant, the Dual HDMI to Component HD (Y/CbCr/PbPr) Converter will work with any HDMI enabled appliance. International High Definition Copy Protection (HDCP) laws restrict the use of some High Definition players, such as BlueRay DVD players, but this converter will easily allow their 480p/i and 576p/i signals to be displayed to your HD component TV or monitor. You can also input DVI enabled devices to the HDMI connections of the converter by use of HDMI/DVI converter cable or adapters.

An ideal tool in any application for Professional or Private use, the Dual HDMI to Component HD (Y/CbCr/PbPr) Converter saves you money when you do not have a HDMI enabled TV. For more information about the Dual HDMI to Component HD (Y/CbCr/PbPr) Converter, please enter here for further product description and specifications. You can also download the free, on-line Operation manual.

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