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CRT to LCD Multi-Frequency Converter

CRT to LCD Multi-Frequency Converter
CRT to LCD Multi-Frequency Converter

Trying to replace your old CRT monitor with a new LCD screen? Your old video signal does not display correctly, or even at all, on the new LCD screen? You really need our RGB MDA, CGA, EGA to VGA Converter to detect and display the old video signal on new LCD screens. It does not matter if your source video signal is an old Monochrome B&W, 16 colour CGA, 64 colour EGA or 256 colour and higher VGA signal, the RGB MDA, CGA, EGA to VGA Converter is designed to automatically detect and lock to that signal.

The RGB MDA, CGA, EGA to VGA Converter will auto detect the source video signal's Horizontal Frequency from 12kHz through 40kHz and Vertical Frequency detection is unconstrained. So when other standard CGA to VGA converters fail to detect a signal, the RGB MDA, CGA, EGA to VGA Converter has a 97% chance of detecting and displaying the non-standard video timing. The RGB MDA, CGA, EGA to VGA Converter can be used in many areas associated with video displays, including CRT screen replacement in CNC Machinery and Arcade Game cabinets.

Now, in this modern day and with the onslaught of digital technology, the old analog technology CRT monitor is harder to find and replace. Especially one that is specific to a task, such as in CNC machinery displaying critical machine and operational data to Console Technicians. Now it is very easy to upgrade and enhance this visual work space using the RGB MDA, CGA, EGA to VGA Converter. Locate a digital LCD monitor that will suit your needs, connect the source signal to the ID#827 and plug the ID#827 output to your screen's VGA input. Simple and neat.

The RGB MDA, CGA, EGA to VGA converter is ideal for Do-It-Yourself Arcade Game enthusiasts who like to build their own systems from scratch. Have the ability to instal a digital LCD screen into your Arcade Games cabinet, a screen that best suits your gaming needs. Upgrade your old CRT monitor with new technology digital LCD and LED displays, all for the better enhancement of your viewing and gaming pleasure. Our RGB MDA, CGA, EGA to VGA Converter is easy to instal and setup, with an On Screen Display (OSD) menu for adjusting picture size and position to fit your new LCD screen perfectly.

If you are interested to purchase the ID#827, you may do so by clicking here and then simply 'Add to Cart' and then 'Proceed to Checkout'. Of course, if you require further assistance, then you are welcome to contact us by email: sales at converters dot tv, by phone: +61 2 4968 9313 or by Fax: +61 2 4968 9314. All Inquiries are welcome and now is a good time to take advantage of our great pricing, saving over US$225.00 off RRP! Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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