Wireless USB Network

  • 20th March, 2007

With most of devices these days being wireless, phones, laptops, portable gaming devices. It sends and receives WI-FI signals and is secure by using 64/128 WEP data Encryption with support for WPA and AES advanced WLAN security.

Comes with everything needed. The unit itself plugs directly into any spare USB port. The software and manual, make it simple to configure (step by step). Once setup up you can communicate and transfer anything from one device to another with out the need for any cables.

It supports Windows 98/98SE, ME, 2K and XP and is compatiable with IEEE 802.11b/g standard using 2.4GHz spread spectrum technology.

Please note this is a single wireless device, so you need exisiting wireless device to communicate with. Or buy a second unit to create a computer wireless network.

For more information and picture please use the following link WIFI USB Dongle (Wireless Network USB Stick)

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