VGA to RGB Converter

  • 25th July, 2005

Introducing the latest VGA to RGB converter, this high end system converter makes it possible to convert a variety of computer images from 640x480 up to a very high quality 1600x1200@ 60Hz resolution into interlaced NTSC / PAL / RGB or YUV output.

The output video formats of Composite Video, S-Video, YUV and RGB can be selected using an infrared remote control. With the use of the front panel push buttons or the use of the OSD (On Screen Display) operation of the remote control, the selection of many other useful features can be adjusted such as overscan, zoom, freeze, magnifier and more. This unit also comes with an advanced 2-D flicker filter that ensures a flicker free picture making this converter ideal for applications such as video conferences, business presentations, or as simple as viewing PC images on a TV.

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