Multi Video to HDMI UHD Scaler

  • 23rd March, 2017

New Multi Video to HDMI UHD Scaler is designed to work with the latest HDMI 4K2K Ultra High Definition (UHD) video and audio products and is available from our on-line store at Converters.TV

Sleek and slimline in design, the Multi Video to HDMI UHD Scaler is a powerful tool that enhances all High Definition (HD) video and audio signalling. It is backward compatible with earlier versions of HDMI and DVI signalling and will upscale all to 4K2K resolution (and other resolutions) with just a simple push of a button. A separate Analog audio input allows for connection from a VGA audio source and the Analog audio output may connect to an external amplifier system.

The comprehensive On Screen Display menu (OSD) helps setup and control the Multi Video to HDMI UHD Scaler. Select the input source you wish to display or output a new display resolution and aspect ratio setting. Adjust the output image for contrast, brightness, sharpness and hue, set the EDID and HDCP requirements and update Firmware using Ethernet connection, all via the OSD menu.

A basic hand-held IR remote gives you the freedom to control the Multi Video to HDMI UHD Scaler without having to leave your chair. All basic functions are catered for on the IR remote by the simple press of a dedicated button. Or enter the OSD menu via the IR remote for on-screen access of your setup. RS-232 and TelNet via Ethernet are also available control tools and both allow for remote connection to setup and control all.

If you are interested in the Multi Video to HDMI UHD Scaler, then please click here to access the product's webpage. You may order the product from this page and make the Credit Card, PayPal or US Bank payment that is most convenient for you. Please note, fees apply for PayPal and US Bank payments. If you have any questions or feedback that you would like to share with us, then please contact our friendly Staff either by email on, by telephone +61 2 4968 9313, or by Fax +61 2 4968 9314.

Thank you for your time as taken to read this article and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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