HDMI v1.3 3 in 1 out Switcher with CEC & EDID

  • 6th March, 2015

New HDMI v1.3 3 in 1 out Switcher with CEC & EDID control is available to order through our Converters.TV store. Connect together and control your HDMI source equipment and HDTV using this compact device. Three (3) HDMI source devices like Blu-Ray and DVD players, Set Top Boxes and Game consoles can be connected at the same time ready for instant display by a very simple push button selection. Full support also given for up to 1080p HD video resolution and digital audio formats like LPCM 2CH, Dolby Digital TrueHD and DTS-HD.

Small, compact and very simple to instal and operate, the HDMI v1.3 3 in 1 out Switcher gives high quality support to your Home Theatre System. Easy to access input ports have blue LED 'active' service lamps to indicate current input status. Push the select button to scroll through the 3 inputs, selected input starts to display in 2-5 secs. An "Auto-Switching" function simplifies input selection. Simply plug in an 'active' HDMI cable source, or power-on an already connected HDMI cable source and the Switcher will automatically switch to that input.

The HDMI v1.3 3 in 1 out Switcher utilises CEC (Consumer Electronic Control) and EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) for the setup and operation of connected HDMI enabled devices. CEC allows for the switching on and off of connected devices by using one of the devices remote controls, or embedded commands that work in the background to control equipment, without user intervention. A USB to CEC adaptor also allows a PC to control sytem setups. EDID is designed to enable individual electronic equipment like TV's, DVD's, STB's etc to interface and connect using the best possible screen resolution and settings.

If you would like to read more about the HDMI v1.3 3 in 1 out Switcher and its features and specifications, then please click here to access the products webpage. You can download the free User Manual, make an order, or contact through to our friendly Staff for further assistance. You are welcome to contact us by email using sales@converters.tv, by phone on +61 2 4968 9313 or by Fax on +61 2 4968 9314. We look forward to hearing from you at anytime.

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