4 x 4 HDMI 4K UHD Matrix with Fast Switching

  • 26th February, 2015

This new 4K2K 4 by 4 Matrix with fast switch and control system allows 4 HDMI signal sources displayed in 4 connected HDMI displays in the way you like and with fast switching technology the device can greatly eliminate the time required by swapping or turning ON/OFF the connected displays.

Control system feature supports traditional direct control systems like IR, Relay or DC trigger and indirect control systems like IR Learning, RS-232, Telnet/Web GUI controls. Allowing user with PC or APP based control systems great flexibility over controlling devices. The operation of the system can also be easily managed through software application on PC/NB or APP on mobile devices and moreover, through on-panel buttons, IR remote, RS-232, Telnet and Ethernet protocols.

This is one of the best HDMI Matrix products in the market right now. So, don't miss on this opportunity to get one to enhance your media system. If interested to learn more about the 4 x 4 HDMI 4K UHD Matrix with Fast Switching, then click here to access the product webpage. You may read about the product features and specifications, download the free User Manual, or simply make an order and payment. For further assistance, please feel free to contact our friendly Staff by email, sales@converters.tv, by phone +61 2 49 689313 or by Fax +61 2 49 689314.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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