HDMI over HDMI Cable - Repeater 40m

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Product Description

The HDMI over HDMI Cable - Repeater 40m, regenerates the incoming HDMI signal so it can extend its transmission range up to 40 meters without degradation (lower resolution signal can be transmitted further). For example, if you have a HDMI or DVI device, such a Blu-Ray player, connected to a HDTV, and would like to move your HDTV to another area for promotional or presentation purposes, you can connect the HDMI over HDMI Cable - Repeater to the HDMI device and the HDTV and it will act as an extension cord without losing any visual or sound quality. The repeater can extend up to approximately 40 meters. It does this by reshaping and regenerating it to a new standard HDMI signal.

Product Details


  • Regenerates incoming HDMI signal by decoding and recoding it to a new standard HDMI signal so it can extend the transmission range without degredation
  • Extends 1080p/UXGA up to 40 meter transmission distance (lower resolution signal can be transmitted longer )
  • Power from HDMI signal.
  • Plug and play, easy to install


  • HDMI compliant with HDMI 1.3
  • HDMI HDCP is compliant with HDCP1.1
  • Downward compatible with DVI1.0
  • Operation frequency: up to 165 MHz
  • HDMI data rate: 1.65G bps (single link)
  • Supported Input/Output resolutions:
  • 640*480@60/72/75
  • 600*600@56/60/72/75Hz
  • 1024*768@60/70/75Hz
  • 1280*960@60Hz
  • 1280*1024@60/75Hz
  • 1600*1200@60Hz
  • 720*480i@59/60Hz (Not DVI)
  • 720*480p@59/60Hz
  • 720*576i@50Hz (Not DVI)
  • 720*576p@50Hz
  • 1280*720p@50/59/60Hz
  • 1920*1080i@50/59/60Hz
  • 1920*1080p@23/24/50/59/60Hz
  • Cable distance supported:
  • Standard Def: 40 ~ 45m with HDMI Cable
  • High Def: 15 ~ 20m with HDMI Cable
  • Dimensions: (cm): 2.7(w) x 1.5(h) x 5.0(l)
  • Weight (grams): 15g

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What's Included

  • HDMI over HDMI Cable Repeater 40m
  • HDMI over HDMI Cable Repeater 40m User Manual