Video Tansmitters

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The HDMI/VGA over CAT5e/6/7 Extender is a multi-function transmitter and receiver set supporting the transmission of ultra high-definition signals (up to 4K2K@30Hz, YUV444). This system is an ideal solution for any household or commercial environment. It also features HDMI (DVI compatible with adaptor) and VGA inputs and outputs.

The HDMI v1.3 Over One CAT6 Transmitter is a convenient way to extend a HDMI signal over a long distance. Instead of using expensive HDMI cables, this unit distributes the HDMI signal over a CAT6 cable. Unlike similar HDMI Over CAT6 products which distribute the CAT6 Video and DDC data along two separate CAT6 connections, this unit distributes the Video and DDC Data along a single CAT6 Connection.

The HDMI/VGA to HDMI Live Video Streamer makes online broadcasting of live video an easy and simple process, using Video sources from cameras, PCs, video game consoles, etc. and a breeze to connect for immediate broadcast.

The PC / Component Video Transmitter over Cat5 Cable transmits a Component signal to a Receiver unit over Category 5 cable, and is used to extend the overall Component signal distance. Depending on the type of receiver used with the transmitter, the Component signal can be extended for a distance of 50m to 100m.

Showing 4 of 4 products